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Ross Village Bakery

The Ross village Bakery is Ross' original bakery and has been operating on the site for over 100 years. Our wood-fired oven is a unique piece of colonial history - a traditional semi-scotch brick "3 bag oven" - with the capacity to bake 300 loaves at a time.

We take the oven temperature up to over 700° F at the start of the day and we bake pies, pastries, breads, buns and cakes as the temperature gradually falls. On busy days we often fire the oven again in the late morning. We use on average about a barrow load of firewood each baking day.

Sometimes the old fashioned way of doing things really is still the best - and we believe this is true of bread. The solid even heat produced in a full brick wood-fired oven is the best environment for baking bread. We use unbleached flours and old-fashioned recipes to make a variety of crusty breads; many of our loaves we bake straight on the oven floor, which gives them an all round crust.

Take away or take a seat. We're open every day in summer for light meals and the best espresso coffee (and tea) on the Heritage Highway. On fine days we serve outdoors in our garden courtyard.

We are now licensed,
so you can enjoy a glass of wine or a beer with your meal.

Want to see what a woodfired brick oven looks like from the inside?
Click here for the story of how we rebuilt our oven in 10 days. Itís a PDF file with plenty of photos Ė so it takes a minute or so to download, but itís well worth the wait
Outside the Kitchen Ross Village Bakery

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